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give me fish and ill probably love you forever

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pet me



UCF two tallest volleyball players and shortest cheerleader

this fucked me up

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goodnight nerds

hes trampling my boob trying to catch the cursor

lil buddy just wanted to cuddle


Forgive me for tagging, I truly am sorry.

It’s enjoyable to see so many transcanons by fellow queer beings in this tag, because Transstuck is a flawless thing. I’ve seen some contributors say “all or almost all Homestuck characters are trans*” so I think I’d like to do a thing.

Reblog this post with your absolute favorite transcanon. Keep it to one character if you can, but if you wanna include a brotp or even an otp that involves a pair of (or group of because monogamy isn’t the only option in life) characters that you see as being trans*/bonding over being trans* together.

Personally…my own favorite is binary transgirl Damara Megido.

[again, sorry for clogging up the tag with this]

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hecka yes


a crappy info-doodle about something v important 2 me


Karkat gropes Nepeta’s boobs for the first time and is lost in amazement and wonder. Nepeta finds it stupidly endearing. 

I mentioned having this headcanon the other day and then I got commissioned to draw it so I couldn’t refuse ! uvu 


Kill la Kill meets Godzilla



Sleeping serval (by Tambako the Jaguar)

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b ang me with a big w33



i wish when i felt threatened or angry or embarrased my hair would do the expandy fluffy thing like in ghibli films