any pronouns/ panther kin
give me fish and ill probably love you forever

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pet me

im tired and too engrossed in my own world and need to catch up with reality and stop letting my mom baby me



not all bi women are attracted to men jfc

do you even know what bisexual means you fucking moron? 

bisexual means attracted to two genders bye



that’s not even mentioning the femjohns.



Pyrovision’s neat! C: Sorry for the gore…
I know I said I was on drawing hiatus but I really needed a distraction at the moment. And  tf2 drawing calms me.. (;-;) I have met a lot of immature jerks on servers and it rarely fazes me, but having to meet this one particular player today put me in the most sour and frustrated mood. But it’s all in the past, I must let it goo… And draw this short engiexpyro comic for my dear friend lightcharm ;D


cis people need to stop using their trans / nb friends as proof that they aren’t transphobic

my Nyas ?

Anonymous asked:
Thank you for your advice, I truly appreciate it! :)

no prob !

Anonymous asked:
Well, mainly I feel cat like or I am told I purr/hiss/growl according to my mood. I never knew what otherkin was before, and I found out recently and I am wondering if I might be. Is there any possible way to know for sure?

theres no ‘sure’ way to know that youre otherkin, but if you feel like a cat and want to be otherkin then go right ahead !!




why do people say chicken as a term for coward? Have you ever meet a chicken? Cause those things will fuck you up man



Anonymous asked:
Hi um I have been wondering if I'm otherkin for a while now and I'm wondering how I can know for sure thank you

id have to know a bit more to help you there  !!

did feferi die at Costco

i messed around with animations on pac and now im tired bye

you cant be shorter than me its impawssible

im like a bazillion years old and im still like 4’3